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Match each part of speech to its definition.
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___ 1.  Adjectives a.  words used to show emotion or surprise.
___ 2.  Adverbs b.  words that name a person, place, thing or idea.
___ 3.  Conjunctions c.  words that describe a noun or pronoun. They often tell us which one, whose, what kind or how many.
___ 4.  Interjections d.  words that connect other words or groups of words.
___ 5.  Nouns e.  words that show how a noun is related to some other words in the sentence.
___ 6.  Prepositions f.  words that can be used instead of a noun.
___ 7.  Pronouns g.  words that show action or state of being.
___ 8.  Verbs h.  words that describe a verb, an adjective or adverb. They mostly tell us "where", "how", or "when" (often these words end in "ly").