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  Prefixes & Suffixes Worksheets
To generate a Prefixes & Suffixes worksheet or list of meanings, simply follow the steps below:  
Step 1: choose one of the following options
Choose whether you want to generate a worksheet or a list of definitions.
Worksheet List
Step 2: select terms
Select the terms you want to include by choosing their corresponding box.
(if you choose more than 28 terms, they will be printed on 2 pages)

Click here to select them all, or here to clear your selection.
-able/-ible -al anti-
auto- bi- bio-
cent-/centi- co- dec-/deca-
dis- -ed -en
-er -est ex-
fore- -ful hept-/sept-
hex- im-/in- -ing
-ish -ist -less
-ly -ment milli-
mis- mono- -ness
non- oct- ped-/pod-
pent-/quint- post- pre-
quad-/quart- re- sub-
tele- trans- tri-
uni- -y
Step 3: add a "heading" to your page (optional)
The text you type in the following box will appear at the top of the page.
This can be used to give directions to your students, give a name to the exercise...
Step 4: generate the worksheet / list
On the generated worksheet, click on the to generate a new one.
Use the to generate the "Answer Key".

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