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  Addition Worksheets
Click on this view a sample of a worksheet generated by this tool to view a sample page from this worksheet generator.
To generate addition worksheets, simply follow the steps below.
Step 1: choose the level of difficulty
Choose the level of difficulty for your worksheets by ticking one of the boxes.
Level 1 : single digits.
Level 2 : double digits (no carrying).
Level 3 : double digits (carrying).
Level 4 : three digits (no carrying).
Level 5 : three digits (carrying).
Level 6 : four digits (carrying).
Level 7 : five digits (carrying).

Step 2: add a "heading" to the worksheet (optional)
The text you type in the following box will appear at the top of the worksheets.
This can be used to give directions to your students, give a title to the exercise...
Step 3: generate the worksheet
On the generated worksheet, click on the to generate a new one.
Use the to generate the "Answer Key".

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