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  Fraction Conversion Worksheets
Click on this view a sample of a worksheet generated by this tool to view a sample page from this worksheet generator.
To generate fraction conversion worksheets, simply follow the steps below.
Step 1: choose the type of exercise
Choose the type of exercise for your worksheets by ticking one of the boxes.
Converting fractions to decimals.
Converting fractions to percents.
Converting fractions to decimals, then percents.
Note: the answers on the "Answer Key" sheets are rounded off to the nearest hundreth.

Step 2: choose the level of difficulty
Choose the level of difficulty for your worksheets by ticking one of the boxes.
Level 1 : single digit numerators and denominators.
Level 2 : single digit numerators, double digit denominators.
Level 3 : double digit numerators and denominators.

Step 3: add a "heading" to the worksheet (optional)
The text you type in the following box will appear at the top of the worksheets.
This can be used to give directions to your students, give a title to the exercise...
Step 4: generate the worksheet
On the generated worksheet, click on the to generate a new one.
Use the to generate the "Answer Key".

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