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  "Ordering Numbers" Worksheets
This tool enables you to generate "ordering numbers" worksheets,
where numbers have to be put in ascending or descending order.

Step 1: how many numbers?
Choose how many numbers you would like to appear in each problem.
three numbers
four numbers
five numbers
sixth numbers

Step 2: select the range
Select the range you want the numbers to be included in.

smallest number:   biggest number:  

Step 3: ascending / descending order (optional)
Choose whether the numbers should be ordered ascendingly or descendingly.
ascending order descending order
Step 4: add a "heading" to your worksheets (optional)
The text you type in the following box will appear at the top of the worksheets.
This can be used to give directions to your students, give a title to the exercise...
Step 4: generate the worksheet
On the generated worksheet, click on the to generate a new one.

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